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We’re pas­sion­ate about empow­er­ing peo­ple man­agers and enabling employ­ees to bring their best selves to work.

Clear Review was found­ed by Stu­art Hearn, for­mer HR Direc­tor at Sony and head of a tal­ent man­age­ment con­sul­tan­cy. Years of see­ing what does and does­n’t work in per­for­mance man­age­ment led him to build a new and sim­pli­fied breed of soft­ware — and a great team to sup­port it.

Our Core Principles

When partnering with a technology company, it's critical to align in terms of culture, methodology, and the software itself. We have a clear view on how to drive performance improvement, and it is resonating with HR and Talent leaders in the UK and beyond.

Quality conversations drive performance improvement

Annual and HR led talent models have not delivered. In fact, they have been an obstacle to meaningful performance and development conversations. Evidence shows us that a framework of coaching-style questions, supported by regular feedback and agile goals, creates an environment of engagement, employee ownership and - ultimately - performance improvement.

Simplicity is the key to adopting new technology

Complex, administration-heavy and contrived systems have failed. We have built the simplest performance platform in the market, recognising that managers and employees do want to perform at a high level - but need agile in-the-moment tools to support them in the fast-paced world of work. As well as the ongoing dialogue, we've also created a simple way of capturing and collating key talent data to inform pay and succession decisions.

High-level visibility of performance engagement is critical

Improving performance is a journey, not a destination. So HR and Talent leaders need real-time insight into where performance engagement is and isn't happening. Neither the carrot or the stick work. It's about building a culture of accountability, communication and transparency. None of which can be achieved with annualised 'tick-box' data.

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Meet our leadership team

Nick Gallimore

Director of Talent Transformation & Insight

Hamzah Hafesji

Product Manager

Sean Ruane

Head of Customer Success

Cathy Newell

Head of Sales

Ollie Black

Head of Marketing

Gian Piero Zambrini

Head of Privacy & Information

Your journey as a customer

In working with over a hundred customers we have found a similar pathway of 'performance management maturity'. These are represented in the three phases of growth below.


The best performance management process in the world will add no value unless people use it. So getting engagement from users is critical when it comes to performance management. We do this in Clear Review by keeping everything simple and making sure that all our features add value to users so that they genuinely want to use the system. Features that would increase complexity but add little value (e.g. employee self-assessments) have been deliberately left out.


Clear Review is 80% about performance improvement and 20% about measurement. Clear Review focuses on features that will improve and develop employees, whilst still providing the most important measurements that companies need in order to make their business decisions. Most other performance management software tools work the other way around – they are 80% about measurement, which doesn’t lead to improved employee performance and usually results in poor user adoption.


When you achieve high user engagement with performance management, you can then get accurate insights from the data as it is based on meaningful user interaction rather than forced form-filling. We provide insight through detailed reports and summary charts that can be analysed for trends, both organisation-wide and by division or department.

Clear Review is 80% about performance and 20% about measurement - which is the opposite of legacy models and technologies.

We’re already helping customers just like you

Clear Review has become an integral part of creating more openness, transparency and clarity in the way we approach people management. The system is simple and flexible and our people are now sitting down with their managers every three months to talk about their performance and development.

Janis Stylianou
Janis Stylianou

HR Director at THB Group

We’ve seen a huge increase in proactive feedback across functions. The system’s efficiency has also enabled our HR team more time to devote to other tasks. All in all, fantastic!

Kirstie Difford - KPI software customer
Kirstie Difford

HR Business Partner at Star Medical

Clear Review has been instrumental in helping us move to a model of ongoing conversations with an increased focus on our people’s development, not just performance. We've moved away from ratings and streamlined our whole approach. Clear Review's expertise and simple intuitive software has meant they have become a key partner for us.

Profile photo of Charlotte Macartney at CSM
Charlotte Macartney

Global People Director at CSM

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