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Off the pitch Continuous Performance Management for the Sports Sector

Matrix Management Compatible | Real-time feedback | Personal and Performance Goals | Engagement & Wellbeing | 1-2-1s

Webinar: How 'off the pitch' Continuous Performance Management is transforming the Sports Sector

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We will share how to re-think your approach to performance management and how to effectively use real-time understanding of engagement.

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Aston Villa deploy continuous performance management

Learn how Mel Millner, HR Director at Aston Villa was tasked with bringing clarity and accountability to people's roles and expectations, and how Clear Review helped with this.

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Performance management in the Sports Sector

The sports sector is full of highly skilled, passionate individuals who organisations want to keep, or new recruits whom they want to develop. At Clear Review and Advanced we have years of experience helping top sports organisations do just this and stay top of their game.

You can expect:

  • Easy to use software so you don't need to train your people
  • Matrix-style management, so team members can check-in with other members
  • Automated nudges to create habits of feedback, check-ins and goal management
  • Wellbeing and engagement metrics to help you action early signs of burnout and disengagement
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The winning way for Aston Villa Football Club

“The driving force of Aston Villa Football Club (the “Club”) is to win the next game, then the next, and the one after that. A key part of this initiative was exploring ways of optimising the performance of the 200-strong workforce – the people that make the club tick behind the scenes.”

“It was love at first sight when we saw the Clear Review software and immediately felt comfortable with the user-friendly look and feel of it! It was also very cost effective, which was an important factor for us as well.”

Mel Millner

HR Director

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Build a high performance culture

Our software is designed to help you build a high performance culture through development conversations, real-time feedback and agile goals.

Development check-ins

Support managers to develop their teams with meaningful conversations. Our simple framework of strengths-based questions, along with reminders and easy scheduling, will give them the confidence to improve employee performance.

Real-time feedback

Rewarding achievement and encouraging coaching through real-time feedback creates a culture of productivity and engagement. This feedback is linked to key organisational values and behaviours.

Agile goals

Collaborative goal-setting encourages employees to take control of their own development. Set both performance and personal development goals with realistic timeframes that reflect your organisation's priorities.

Smart ideas and practical thinking from Clear Review

Pay And Reward 1600X1040

How to address Pay and Reward with a continuous performance model?

How to address ratings and pay considerations with a continuous performance management model - specifically when there is less focus on the annual appraisal…

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