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Why did Ted Baker choose Clear Review, and how is it going so far?

Gary Beggs, Development Partner, discusses why they chose Clear Review and how it's going so far.

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Why IRN-BRU Makers A.G.Barr Implemented Advanced’s Performance Management Software, Clear Review, During the Pandemic

Senior HR Business Partner & Talent Lead, Jude, discusses why they chose Clear Review and how it's going so far.

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How has Amthal Fire and Security been using Clear Review to help their team?

Amthal are fire and safety experts who design, install, commission, maintain and monitor high quality intruder detection, fire protection, access control and…

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Waltham Forest transforms performance and boosts engagement

HR director Ben Plant and project lead Isabelle Hurrell discuss the move from annual appraisals to continuous performance development at Waltham Forest…

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Wesleyan performance management with a principle-led approach

Kristy Rowlett, Head of People Development tells us how Wesleyan moved away from a prescriptive performance management strategy to a principle-led approach.

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Meeting Engagement

First Rate Exchange deploys SMARTer performance management

Learning Consultant Amy Mellor discusses the challenges and opportunities of continuous performance management

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AQA delivers feel-good factor with good listening and hard data

The examination and awarding body AQA used Clear Review to transform performance management and prove its business value to the board.

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THB Turns Back on Annual Appraisals

Rosalino Walsh, L&D Director of THB Group shares how they ditched their annual appraisal model in favour of 'Talk-Time', a coaching and feedback based approach…

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Profile image of Sara Draper from Gerald Eve

Gerald Eve moves from appraisal to coaching

Sarah Draper, HR Director of Gerald Eve discusses how the business transitioned away from annual appraisals to a mentoring and feedback culture with increased…

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Chartered Institute of Marketing: From painful paper process to a coaching model

Director of People Sarah Lee-Boone explains how making a shift to a feedback and coaching model, supported by Clear Review, became a key part in the recent…

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SARRC employees give standing ovation for the end of annual appraisals and cut down HR admin

Larry Hillwig, Chief HR & Administrative Officer at SARRC, unpacks their efforts to better align their performance model with their internal culture.

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon finds a new focus on goal-setting and strategic objectives

Jennifer Baker, Chief of Staff at SMCC, discusses the organisation's new clarity on goals.

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PerfectHome turns sceptics into advocates with performance management

Head of People & Engagement Kevin Hollingsworth talks about business change, new leadership, and transforming people's experience of work

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Importance of performance management

How Virgin Money has shifted mindsets to steer performance success

Francis Lake sat down with to talk about the journey from an admin-heavy – and universally unpopular – appraisal model, to an effective performance management…

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Aston Villa deploy a non-traditional continuous performance approach

Learn how Mel Millner was tasked with bringing clarity and accountability to people's roles and expectations, and how Clear Review helped with this.

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