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Build organisational resilience by using interactive performance management to develop and retain key legal talent

Cloud efficiency eases engagement with both office based and remote team members

Personal and Performance Goals | 1-2-1s | Engagement & Wellbeing | Real-time feedback

Webinar: Re-imagining Performance Management in the Legal Sector

Tuesday 16th November | 11:00 GMT

We will share how to re-think your approach to performance management and how to effectively use real-time understanding of engagement.

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Partner to Associate Check-in Template

Need help with starting great performance conversations, give this template to your partners.

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Performance management challenges for the legal sector

Law firms can be stressful places. Balancing heavy workloads, while meeting client demands and billing targets, can cause performance management to drop down the list of priorities. In order to retain valuable, highly experienced professionals, and develop new talent, firms need an uncomplicated, effective way to support their workforce and get the best outcomes for all.

You can expect:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software with no training requirement
  • Flexible, matrix-style management, allows senior staff to check-in regularly with individual team members
  • Automated nudges make feedback, catch-ups and goal management straightforward
  • Engagement and wellbeing metrics to help you action early signs of burnout and disengagement
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Future-proof the working lives of their lawyers

"Lawyers have to record their time — that’s a nat­ur­al part of this busi­ness — and Clear Review is start­ing to feel like it occu­pies that same men­tal space: it’s a func­tion of what we do.”

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Build a high performance culture

Our software is designed to help you build a high performance culture through development conversations, real-time feedback and agile goals.

Development check-ins

Support partners and associates to develop their teams through meaningful conversations. Give them the confidence to improve employee performance with a simple framework of strengths-based questions supported by scheduling and reminders.

Real-time feedback

Create a culture of productivity and engagement with real-time feedback. Reward achievement and encourage support and coaching through timely, relevant messages linked to key organisational values and behaviours.

Agile goals

Help employees take control of their development through collaborative goal-setting. Support both performance and personal development and set realistic timelines that reflect your organisation’s priorities.

Smart ideas and practical thinking from Clear Review

Pay And Reward 1600X1040

How to address Pay and Reward with a continuous performance model?

How to address ratings and pay considerations with a continuous performance management model - specifically when there is less focus on the annual appraisal…

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