Simple, powerful performance management software to enable regular, meaningful conversations

Our performance management software helps achieve the ultimate goal of a high performance culture. We do this by creating a light touch and highly configurable framework of developmental conversations supported by real-time feedback and agile goals.

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Developmental Check-ins

The evidence is clear. Meaningful future-focused developmental conversations are what truly improve performance. Yet so often they don't happen. Managers need a simple supporting framework of strengths-based coaching questions to gain confidence in engaging with their people. The Clear Review model cuts down dramatically on the admin time managers spend on annual appraisals. The three to four hour time saving can be reinvested into short quarterly or monthly check-in conversations to create a rich dialogue of continuous improvement, supported by feedback, goals and the light-touch capture of notes and actions where relevant. All of this is complemented by helpful reminders, nudges and calendar scheduling functionality.

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Agile Goals and OKRs

Your people need the ability to set objectives quickly, flexibly and collaboratively. Clear Review delivers on that need by allowing managers or employees to set easily adjustable goals or OKRs, which can be aligned upwards to organisational goals. Goals are split into two types. Performance goals capture deliverables and key results. Personal development goals create ongoing growth dialogue with tangible outcomes - replacing the traditional annual PDP which is all too often put in a drawer and forgotten about.

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Real-time Feedback

Fair, timely and accurate feedback has been proven to increase performance by up to 39%. It also has a huge impact on employee engagement and discretionary effort. Fostering a feedback culture is no longer a nice to have, but a key to unlocking organisational productivity and continuous improvement. Clear Review is a simple, mobile-friendly digital enabler which focuses on in-the-moment feedback. We are currently enabling thousands of pieces of feedback a week to be captured, in turn supporting over a hundred organisations in achieving healthy feedback cultures. Feedback can be linked to values and can be gathered from peers, managers or externally. All feedback is gathered in a log which is seen only by manager and employee and becomes a key element to enriching developmental check-in conversations.

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Talent Snapshots

Our unique Talent Snapshots feature enables managers to provide performance insights in minutes rather than hours. HR and Talent leaders need quality data to feed into reward, promotion and talent planning decisions. Where annual appraisals offered contrived and out-dated information, Talent Snapshots strip out the administrative burden using quick and efficient survey technology. Because Clear Review encourages ongoing check-ins and feedback, managers' answers are more informed instead of being based on the outcome of a single yearly appraisal meeting. Talent Snapshots can be deployed as often as you like. Whether it's an annual wrap-up or short quarterly talent survey, you can have quality data at your fingertips.

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Personal development plans

Keep personal development front and centre with dynamic agile goals, instead of static annual plans

In the modern fast-paced digital world of work it's no surprise that Gallup discovered that 87% of millenials and 69% of non-millenials view personal development as 'very important'. Yet for most organisations the failed annual development plan is the only mechanism for delivering on this urgent need. Using Clear Review's Personal Development Goal functionality, employees and managers are empowered with a quick and agile way to highlight specific development opportunities and success outcomes. As goals are created, HR and Talent leaders are supplied with real-time insight into the preferred learning activities and areas their people are pursuing to better inform their L&D decisions.

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SSO and Integrations

Clear Review integrates with key business platforms to increase adoption and decrease the need for IT support

  • Clear Review supports Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML 2.0. Currently we support Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta and OneLogin, Gsuite and Oracle as identity providers.
  • Currently we support secure automated FTPS HRIS data integrations.
  • We integrate with email and calendar clients by pushing emails and calendar invitations.
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Reporting & Insights

Reporting & Insights

Clear Review reverses the traditional annual appraisal data model. Rather than painfully extracting contrived data on an annual basis, Clear Review delivers genuine value to the user population - which in turn delivers meaningful year-round data. Our reports enable HR to monitor the quality of objectives being set, how frequently employees are checking in and feedback volumes over any chosen period. HR and senior management can also analyse progress against objectives, personal development and training needs as well as responses from quarterly or annual Talent Snapshots.

Video Guidance

Clear Review has in-product best-practice guidance in the form of short videos and tips to give quality feedback and meaningful development conversations.

Founder and CEO Stuart Hearn leverages his twenty years of HR and performance management consultant expertise to provide helpful guidance exactly when it's needed. At Clear Review we believe managers want to be good managers but often lack confidence in how to go about some of the more nuanced aspects of people management - like giving constructive feedback or facilitating a coaching-style conversation. All of this support works towards the goal of constructing a language framework which enables employees to feel safe and confident about discussing performance and development, a critical element in building a high performance culture.

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Even if you're not quite ready to purchase software, our experienced team can listen and provide clarity about what a successful performance model looks like. Seeing our software has often helped our customers get a picture of what they're working towards.