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Managing Remote Workers

Enable your managers to keep remote workers productive and engaged.

Support your remote workers by providing clarity on priorities, deliverables and goals, regular feedback and structured coaching conversations. Our performance management software gives your managers visibility of their remote team’s progress and achievements, creating a culture of trust, high performance, and engagement.

Unrivalled user adoption

78% monthly usage driven by an intuitive interface and intelligent nudges.

Built by performance experts

98% of our customers stay with us

100% Cloud-based

All you need is an email address to get started

Product image for Remote Check-in

Embed a culture of high impact, remote performance conversations

Empower your managers to have structured, regular coaching conversations with pre-loaded templates

I get a weekly report that shows the status of everyone on my team. As a manager, I can look at my other managers and see where they are with their team members. It saves so much time! No more taking notes in a file that is only available to the individual manager. Great system that is set up for confidentiality as well!

Bobbie c
Bobbie C.

CVPM at Animal Family Veterinary Care Center

Product image of goals and deliverables

Provide clarity on priorities and make it simple to track and save progress

Easy to use and intuitive. there is good flexibility in setting up your company goals and objectives. I also like how you can link feedback to company values.

Jennifer b
Jennifer B.

Chief of Staff at Save Money Cut Carbon

Product image for giving feedback.

Keep staff engaged by enabling frequent, insightful recognition and feedback.

Give and request feedback so that remote employees can develop and improve even when they're working from home.

It's easy to use. Training needs are low and people can log right in and get started. Younger staff particularly love it. Able to share feedback across the organization. Able to have multiple managers for one employee.

Christie M.

HR Director at Pew Research Center

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Keep track of how engaged and motivated your remote workers are

Easily identify engagement and wellbeing issues with our light-touch, scientifically proven pulse measurements. Send out more detailed surveys as you need.

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Gain visibility into what is being achieved

Use our dashboards see how individual teams and managers are performing against their objectives and the level of coaching and feedback happening in your organization.

Integrations transparent

SSO and Integrations

Integrating key business platforms to increase adoption and decrease the need for IT support

  • Connect to the identity provider of your choice with Single Sign On (SSO): Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta and OneLogin, Gsuite and Oracle
  • Seamlessly integrates your Calendar & Documents with Microsoft Office 365 so you never miss a thing (Outlook, Teams and OneDrive)
  • Integrate your people records through secure & automated FTPS HRIS data integration


Clear Review is built in a way which makes it effortless to add the languages that your organisation needs

We have built Clear Review to be able to quickly add any additional languages at request.

These languages are available out of the box:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • German
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Dutch


The right language allows you to ensure that you reflect your culture in Clear Review

You have the option to change 52 terms on the system so if you call objectives priorities or check-ins coffee-meets then you have all the flexibility to change that.

As an admin, you have the choice to change the colours, language and configuration of the system to match your culture. You will be supported by our team to make sure that you reflect your identity in your performance management software.

Are you ready to see the software in action?

Even if you're not quite ready to purchase our 'remote ready' performance management software, our experienced team can listen and provide clarity about what a successful performance model looks like. Seeing our software has often helped our customers get a picture of what they're working towards.