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Performance Management that supports the development of people in the Business Services Sector

Cloud- based for both remote and in-office teams

Matrix Management Compatible | Real-time feedback | Personal and Performance Goals | Engagement & Wellbeing | 1-2-1s

Webinar: Re-imagining Performance Management in the Business Services Sector

We share how to re-think your approach to performance management and how to effectively use real-time understanding of engagement.

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The future of work: a guide to navigating unknown territory

We car­ried out a recent sur­vey of over 1,000 UK work­ers who were forced to work from home dur­ing the last year to find out their thoughts on the return to office and hybrid working.

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Performance management for the Business Services sector

The Business Services sector is full of great talent that companies want to keep, and new recruits whom they are looking to develop.

You can expect:

  • Intuitive and easy to use software
  • Flexibility to have matrix-style management, so team members can check-in with other team members
  • Automated nudges to create habits of feedback, check-ins and goal management
  • Engagement and wellbeing metrics to help you action early signs of burnout and disengagement
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From a painful paper process to a coaching model

"Clear Review is a really effective product. It's extremely simple, which means we can focus on helping people focus on the personal development aspect, rather than training people on the system itself."

Sarah Lee-Boone

Associate Director of People

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Build a high performance culture

Our software is designed to help you build a high performance culture through development conversations, real-time feedback and agile goals.

Development check-ins

Support team members to develop through meaningful conversations. Give them the confidence to improve employee performance with a simple framework of strengths-based questions supported by scheduling and reminders.

Real-time feedback

Create a culture of productivity and engagement with real-time feedback. Reward achievement and encourage support and coaching through timely, relevant messages linked to key organisational values and behaviours.

Agile goals

Help employees take control of their development through collaborative goal-setting. Support both performance and personal development and set realistic timelines that reflect your organisation’s priorities.

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