The employee engagement software that powers performance with engaged employees

Engagement should not just be a standalone set of surveys. Our Employee Engagement Software platform captures insights which feed directly into your existing performance development conversations.

The Clear Review approach to employee engagement

Our employee engagement solution is integrated into our core performance conversation platform - it isn’t a standalone tool. Why? Because at Clear Review we believe that ultimately, employee engagement is all about helping people develop and perform to their full potential.

We’re currently helping tens of thousands of managers and employees have better, more regular performance conversations. We can help you create an engagement model built into the fabric of your culture.

Gather employee feedback

Capture and analyse employee engagement across your organisation.

Amplify employee voice

Provide a safe space for employees to voice their ideas, issues or concerns.

Enable employees to self reflect

Allow employees to be more aware of how they’re feeling about work.

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Discover your employees' voice

Provide a safe place for your employees to voice ideas, suggestions or concerns. Gain visibility into how employees are experiencing your organisation.

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Empower employees to reflect on how they’re feeling about work

A quick monthly check-point which helps employees think about intrinsic factors such as motivation, autonomy and well-being while also providing insights to HR.

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Gather targeted point-in-time employee feedback using your organisation’s language

Easily create, deploy and analyse custom surveys to better align your talent strategies and get feedback on engagement, company initiatives, or employee well-being.

Are you ready to see the software in action?

Even if you're not quite ready to purchase software, our experienced team can listen and provide clarity about what a successful performance model looks like. Seeing our software has often helped our customers get a picture of what they're working towards.