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Engagement and Wellbeing Software

Employee engagement software that improves performance and wellbeing

Custom engagement surveys combined with our scientifically backed wellbeing monitor enable you to drive performance whilst keeping mental health in check.

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Gather targeted employee feedback using your organisation’s language

Easily create, deploy and analyse custom surveys to better align your talent strategies and get feedback on engagement, company initiatives, or employee wellbeing.

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Monitor wellbeing & engagement levels and trigger action

Our automated, scientifically-backed tool measures wellbeing and engagement in seconds and advises employees how to improve using customisable nudges.

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Discover your employees' voice

Provide a safe place for your employees to voice ideas, suggestions or concerns. Gain visibility into how employees are experiencing your organisation.

Engagement, Wellbeing and Performance Management in a Single System

Science shows that employee engagement, wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked so managing them together in a single platform enables a seamless employee experience. It’s also much more cost-effective.

Clear Review’s combined approach encourages employees and managers to address engagement and wellbeing issues during their check-in conversations and our analytics module enables you to combine and analyse performance and engagement data together.

Gather employee feedback

Capture and analyse employee engagement across your organisation.

Improve employee wellbeing

Enable employees to understand their wellbeing levels and take action.

Amplify employee voice

Provide a safe space for employees to voice their ideas, issues or concerns.

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