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Ditching Annual Appraisals: Mapping a clear way forward

How do you move away from annual appraisals and put in place an effective system for your people?

Ditch­ing Annu­al Appraisals: Map­ping a clear way forward

We teamed up with HR Grapevine and Lucy Adams for this webi­nar on how to move to a new per­for­mance man­age­ment system. 

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Key Learn­ings:

  • The pow­er of sim­plic­i­ty: sim­ple mod­el; sim­ple lan­guage; sim­ple tech
  • Adult-to-Adult HR, man­ag­er-employ­ee rela­tion­ship dynamics
  • Post-appraisal man­age­ment of pay and reward
  • Facil­i­tat­ing a cul­ture of reg­u­lar devel­op­men­tal con­ver­sa­tions and feedback


Lucy Adams, CEO of DisruptiveHR

Stu­art Hearn, Founder of Clear Review