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Now, more than ever, we need to align and engage the workforce with clear goals and deliverables, structured conversations, real-time feedback and surveys. Remote or not.

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The Clear Review Performance Model

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Our technology is all about creating ongoing, meaningful performance and development conversations. This is achieved by leveraging the 3 core pillars of performance management. Goals, Feedback and Conversations.

We understand that once a year, or even quarterly – you need to gather key data about your talent to inform pay and promotion decisions. Talent Snapshots achieves that more quickly and efficiently than admin-heavy appraisal forms.

Simple, powerful technology built to unlock meaningful conversation

Our technology supports your efforts towards building a high performance culture - rather than getting in the way.

Developmental Check-ins

Empower your people with more frequent and meaningful performance and development conversations

'Tick-box' performance systems and processes prohibit meaningful developmental conversations. Clear Review's Check-ins are led by future focused and strengths based coaching questions. They have one goal, to support managers and employees in taking a step back from day to day work to get clarity on what they're focusing on and how they can develop further. One click access to goals, feedback, actions and previous notes helps the dialogue flow.

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Agile Goals

Manage both performance and personal development goals with flexibility and ease

Twelve month goals simply don't cut it in today's fast-paced world. Clear Review delivers what your talent demands; an efficient, flexible way of communicating and tracking objectives with built in guidance to ensure quality.

Clear Review application screenshot about Agile Goals

Real-time Feedback

Develop a feedback culture with anytime, anywhere manager and peer to peer feedback functionality

Fair, timely and accurate feedback has been proven to increase performance by up to 39%. It also has a huge impact on employee engagement and discretionary effort. Clear Review provides a simple way of sending and requesting feedback, supported by helpful prompts and guidance to ensure quality.

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Talent Snapshots

Gather critical pay, promotion and performance data from your managers with simple survey functionality

Talent Snapshots allows you to survey your managers annually, or quarterly - asking the key questions you need to know about your talent. It makes the usually painful administrative aspect of annual appraisals quick, painless and more effective. You can focus on building a conversation culture, but still ensure you get the information you need to understand your talent population.

Clear Review performance management application screenshot about Talent Snapshots

The right people and resources to help you drive change

We understand that implementing a new performance model requires more than software. Our years of experience and insight can help your organisation make the cultural shift to a more effective performance model.

Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team are experts in understanding the nuances of change-management in the area of performance improvement. We have the people, resources, and experience to ensure your launch is effective.

Implementation & Onboarding

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success person to support you and our proven four-step implementation model contains the structure and clarity to remove the anxiety associated with project launches. More information here.


We have 20 years of experience in people performance. We're passionate about what's happening in this space. In becoming a Clear Review customer you're joining a community of continuous improvers, and a movement.

Product Development

The Clear Review technology platform is constantly being developed and improved based on industry research, customers suggestions and user data. Just as your environment is ever-evolving, so is our software. Roadmap updates are posted regularly.

Have some questions?

Here are the answers to some common questions. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more detailed information.

Our most successful customers did a great job of involving senior stakeholders and the management population during the research and design phase before launching a new performance model. We can help you:

  • Discuss how to go about gathering feedback and information from the management and employee population, including which questions and subjects to probe.
  • We can share learnings from our customer base as to how to pitch the new approach. Where appropriate we can put you in touch with one of our customers who match your size and/or industry.
  • We have a template power-point deck specifically made for HR and Talent leaders to present upwards to the board and/or senior stakeholders. Simply complete certain sections to tailor for your organisation
  • We regularly present to a board/executive meeting to attain final sign-off and ensure the leadership is confident in the new model and platform

We understand there can be a lot to think about, so you need to know exactly what a Clear Review launch looks like and how our passionate and knowledgeable team will support you from signing a contract through to 'go-live'. There are four simple stages:

Preparation: Involves a kick off call/meeting to walk through the implementation checklist and assign actions. This provides clarity on what steps need to happen to achieve launch, and start sharing our experiences of what best-practise looks like.

Training & Communications: For administrators we conduct a two hour call/meeting to familiarise you with the software and answer questions. We provide you with a free off-the-shelf training workshop for managers and employees which includes short videos and an interactive, facilitated session plan. We also provide a twelve month suggested communications plan.

IT & Data: Our team hand holds you through the technical elements such as uploading the users, ensuring Clear Review is working in your environment, adding your logo, setting up single sign on etc.

Configuration: We help you with the configurable aspects of the system. You can either use our standard language and settings, or make changes based on your culture and outcome goals.

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Absolutely. It’s easy to push user record data such as new-starters, leavers and manager changes from your HR software into Clear Review, or you can manually upload a CSV file. We also support Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0.

Clear Review is incredibly secure. All data is fully encrypted and hosted by Amazon Web Services in their secure, ISO27001 compliant data centre in Ireland. Our expert systems administration team are also ISO27001 certified, an accreditation which ensures that the necessary processes and procedures are in place to keep your data secure and protected at all times. We are also Cyber Essential Plus accredited by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Yes, Clear Review is 100% cloud based so there’s no software for you to install and maintain. We take care of hosting the system, keeping your data secure and ensuring it is continuously backed up. The great advantage of cloud software is that as we introduce new features to our performance management system, you automatically get those new features without having to worry about upgrades buying new versions.

Yes, Clear Review’s performance management system works brilliantly on all tablets and smartphones (as well as on PCs and Macs using any modern web browser). Your users don’t need to download an app on their mobile phone as Clear Review is a responsive web app which works through the browser but looks and feels just like an installed mobile app. Users are prompted to add it to their mobile home screens where it renders just like any other mobile app.

We’re already helping organisations just like you

Clear Review’s technology has empowered our people to have productive conversations and receive instant feedback. For us, employee appraisals are not a tick-box exercise—it’s all about their development. Clear Review has helped us to achieve this in a cost-effective way.

Sarah Draper - Clear Review performance management software customer
Sarah Draper

HR Director at Gerald Eve

Clear Review made it all so much easier to convince my directors it was the right direction and the right product. It's changed everything for us.

Barbara Kozlowicz
Barbara Kozlowicz

HR Business Partner at Imperial War Museums

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